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Experience the best residential and commercial repair and construction services at Garcias Roofing & Construction. From the problems on minor home repair up to the major building construction, our team of experienced contractors and builders are here to help you throughout. We offer various residential and commercial services in Auburn, Tacoma Kent, and Puyallup WA.

Are you on the look for contractors to help you with your roof problems? Are you having a hard time looking for someone to fix or repaint the cracked paintings on your wall? If any of these residential and commercial problems are making you worry, Garcias Roofing and Construction team are always ready to give the quality of service that will never disappoint right from the beginning up to the end of the project.

Garcias Roofing & Construction offers the following services in Auburn, Tacoma Kent, and Puyallup WA and in the surrounding places:

✅    Roofing Repair

✅    Residential and Commercial Roofing

✅    Window Installation and Repair

✅    Siding Works and Repair

✅    Residential and Commercial Building Construction

✅    Painting and Repainting Works and many more!

From our many years in the residential and commercial construction industry, we make sure that our contractors are well-equipped with necessary training and knowledge in the field. Our home builders are also one of the best in Auburn, Tacoma Kent, and Puyallup WA as they only include the state-of-the-art materials in the making.

If you are from the places of Auburn, Tacoma Kent and Puyallup WA, have yourself a team of expert contractors and home builders and designers by selecting Garcias Roofing & Construction company.

We believe that all projects are valuable for our clients in Auburn, Tacoma Kent, and Puyallup WA. And so, we make sure that each specific repair or construction needs are addressed specifically. As well as to make sure a high quality of product at the end of the day.

If you are having a hard time finding the right team for your residential or commercial project, at Garcias, you have a team of contractors and builders to provide you the services you need, anytime and anywhere you are in the surrounding places specifically, Auburn, Tacoma Kent, and Puyallup WA. To know more about our services, reach us out at 206-351-4462 or email us at  You can also personally visit us at Federal Way, WA 898023.